Trench Warefare

Trench Warfare During World War 1

Trench warfare will always be regarded as a needless waste of human life as many brave soldiers lost their lives in appalling conditions in World war I.

Figures suggest Somewhere in the region of 20,000 British causalities during the first day of the Battle of the Somme, and the British army regarded this as the worst day in its history regarding losses as well as soldiers suffered appalling conditions during The months ahead.

Fighting paused in the Autumn of 1916 and it is led to believe the forces involved in the battle suffered in the region of 600,000 to one million human casualties.

Trench Warfare started on the Western Front on September 16th, 1914 through to spring 1918 until the Germans launched their spring offensive.

The Western Front became a complete deadlock with all involved sustaining very heavy casualties.

During the very early days of trench warfare, it has been documented that the trenches were cramped with men fighting shoulder to shoulder leading to many casualties due to heavy artillery fire with the trenches protected with heavy Barbed wire.

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