Empire of Japan

Empire of Japan during World War 1

Japan had been an ally with Great Britain since 1902.

On August 7th, 1914 British Government asked Japan for her assistance in destroying the German radars of the Kaiseriliche and also the Chinese waters.

Germany had failed to respond to the Japanese ultimatum sent on the 14th August 1914 and declared war on Germany 9 days later.

Japan pledged her alliance with The Entente Powers and played a major influence part in securing the sea lanes in the South Pacific and the Indian oceans.

Japan also declare war on Austria-Hungary as Vienna refused to withdraw the cruiser, Kaiserin Elisabeth, from Tsingtao.

On September 2nd, 1914 Japanese forces landed in Shandong Provence in China and seized several German island Colonies of the South Pacific.

The Japanese conducted the very first naval launched air raids on the Germans on September 6th, 1914.

The Japanese seaplane carrier “Wakamiya” launched an unsuccessful attack on the Austria-Hungarian cruiser, Kaiserin Elisabeth. ‘

The Siege of Tsingtao came to end with the Germans forces surrendering on November 7th, 1914.