The Airco DH-2 was designed by Geoffrey de Haviland .

The single seater fighter was designed for battle on the Western Front for the Royal Flying Corps to counter attack the German Fokker Scrouge in World War One.

The first plane first flight wason July 15th 1915 and the Aircraft was armed with a 7.7mm Lewis gun.

The fist DH-2 arrived in France for trials with the Royal Flying Corps on June 22nd 1915 but the planes was shot down by the Germans and the Aircraft was captured and repaired by the Germans.

The DH-2 was known to have have very sensitive controls which led to the Aircraft adapting the nickname "The Spinning Incinerator" after several accidents by pilots training to use the Aircraft.

The Aircraft was more than a match for the German Fokker Eindecker and used frequently in the Battle of the Somme as familiarity with the planes controls became more apparent with the pilots and finding the Aircraft very manageable during flight campaigns.

With better more powerful Aircraft being designed and introduced during the later phases of the battle, the Aircraft was used very little and used as a advanced trainer towards the End of the War.

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